USA: Trump “willing” to help Iran with ventilators as confirmed US cases rise

USA: Trump “willing” to help Iran with ventilators as confirmed US cases rise

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US President Donald Trump offered to help Iran with aid and ventilators despite accusing Iran of reporting incorrect coronavirus numbers at the White House coronavirus task force briefing on Sunday in Washington DC.

He continued that the US would be “certainly willing” to offer aid “if they needed it.”

“They were hit very hard. Obviously, those numbers weren’t correct numbers that they reported,” he added.

Trump continued to lambast reporters, especially CNN, who he denounced for being “fake news,” after playing allegedly edited footage of NY governor Andrew Cuomo praising the federal government.

The president also unpackaged a coronavirus testing swab during the briefing, noting that the instrument was “very sophisticated, actually,” before adding that many states who had ordered the tests “don’t know where they are.”

He insisted “testing is expanding very rapidly, by millions and millions of people,” despite several governors, including Democratic Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia, reportedly requesting more testing kits repeatedly.

According to Johns Hopkins University compiling data from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), among others; the US has the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 infections cases with over 759,000 and more than 40,500 related deaths.

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  1. One thing which I don't understand is why American politicians or the journalists are worried about Iran's deaths number. It has nothing to do with you. Already you are in a pathetic situation of the entire American history and even in this situation doing arithmetic calculations on death numbers of Iran or Russia is completely stupid. Do you need any company in this covid deaths?

  2. Yeah no thank you, Iran doesn’t need much more of that stuff. See, their people are naturally healthy, std-free, and not on 5 medications a day before 59. Can’t say the same for Americans.


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