Analysis: Trump’s tweet for Navy to “destroy” Iranian ships

Analysis: Trump’s tweet for Navy to “destroy” Iranian ships

Military Times Managing Editor Howard Altman breaks down the potential implications of a Tweet from the Commander in Chief saying he has told the Navy to “shoot down” Iranian ships that “harass” U.S. military vessels in the Gulf region.

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  1. I think America would be better off if we just handed our military issues over the governors of each state to deal with. That has been this moron in chief's approach on the pandemic. Maybe the west coast states could work on China and the Pacific and the east coast states can deal with russia and Europe and the middle states will be responsible for Mexico and Canada. There, no more problems for the white house. "No responsibility taken, no responsibility given".

  2. O satelite iraniano ele tem o proposito de vigiar as posiçoes americanas estudarem os pontos fracos no iraque, siria e israel, li a repotagem que uma base iraquiana onde tinha 160 soldados americanos um comandante teve agir rapido questao de uma hora por causa dos foguetes iranianos, saiba que os foguetes sao guiados e la parece que nao tem proteção cuidados o satelite esta vigiando as posiçoes das bases e embaixada americanos isto tambem com o radar que tem alcance ate a embaixada


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