Fact Check: Russia Seasons Escalating Trump Iran Tensions With Disinfo

Fact Check: Russia Seasons Escalating Trump Iran Tensions With Disinfo

Polygraph.info fact checks a commentary by Russia’s state-owned Sputnik news agency, published April 22, about U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweet announcing his order to destroy any Iranian gunboats that harass the U.S. Navy ships.
READ MORE: In the commentary, Sputnik cited Farhad Ibragimov, an expert from Putin’s Valdai Discussion Club, a Moscow-based think tank and discussion forum, who said there were three reasons for Trump’s “threats” against Iran.

First, Ibragimov said, Trump is trying to distract from the U.S. domestic political crisis, aggravated by criticism over the administration’s handling of the COVID-19 response. Second, he said, Trump was angry at Iran for refusing U.S. coronavirus humanitarian aid. Third, he said Trump is trying to boost oil prices by threatening possible military action in the Middle East.

The last sentence in the Sputnik report implies that Washington has been hiding military casualties suffered in the January Iranian missile strike in Iraq, which was in retaliation for the U.S. airstrike that killed Qassem Soleimani, commander of the elite Quds Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

“On the night of January 8, Iran launched a missile strike on the American military infrastructure in Iraq. The number of victims of this attack was not disclosed.”

The claim is false.
LINK: https://www.polygraph.info/a/fact-check-iran-russia-trump/30574959.html


  1. I think President Trump made a wise decision to move to a more executive posture in the fight against Covid-19. I respect the fact that he stayed on deck, until the curve flattened. Good Job

  2. VOA Fact check= is a shill for Zionist cabal that declared war on seven countries in 5 years

    Everything Iran said came true
    US is stealing oil from Syria
    CIA Iran Head and 21 others died in the CIA plane crash
    Iran hit alasad US base in Iraq very hard witth 22 Fateh 110 missiles = impossible that no one died. VOA is Bull shit news

  3. The world does not need extremism.

    Do you think the Russians , Chinese and the Europeans will stand aside and allow the whole of the region to fall in the hands of the Americans ??

    The answer is simply NO.

    Hence we are not just talking about chaos in the Middle East.

    The whole world will become upside down and the pain would not be just that of Iran's.


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