USA: “Iran needs to be held accountable” over military satellite launch – Pompeo

USA: “Iran needs to be held accountable” over military satellite launch – Pompeo

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Mandatory Credit: US Department of Defense

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asked for Iran “to be held accountable” over their military satellite launch, during a press conference held in Washington DC on Wednesday.

Iran launched its first military satellite in orbit on Wednesday, prompting Pompeo to say that the country violated a UN Security Council resolution.

“When you talk about the UN Security Council Resolution 2231, I think every nation has an obligation to go to the United Nations and evaluate whether this missile launch was consistent with that Security Council resolution. I don’t think it remotely is.”

“I think Iran needs to be held accountable for what they’ve done. They’ve now had a military organisation that the United States has designated terrorists attempt to launch a satellite,” he added.

The Secretary of State did not want to comment further on speculations about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s health condition, as he is presumed to be seriously ill after a cardiovascular procedure. “We are watching closely, what’s taking place there,” Pompeo said.

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  1. The US is doing a great job in making iranian people hate america…. by referring to the Persian gulf with a fake name you create a nation that hates you with passion and is actually i am really supporting the iranian govt now. I THINK THEY HAVE BEEN RIGHT FOR 40 YEARS BUT WE ARE ONLY REALISING IT NOW!


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