A View from the Frontlines of Islamist Insurgency

A View from the Frontlines of Islamist Insurgency

What do ISIS’s rise in Iraq and Syria and Iran’s new-found power and growing sphere of influence in the region portend for the broader Middle East? What is being done to counter Islamist extremist forces in the region and what is the current state of play? How do the current regional dynamics impact the threat from al-Qaeda, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Join us at The Heritage Foundation as a panel of experts discuss the evolving regional dynamics and trends pertaining to the threat of Islamist extremism and share with us various perspectives on the struggle against the threat.


  1. At best, the American plan is to allow ISIS to grow in size and influence so that we can actually fight them like a "nation", We're prepared and able to fight a traditional war. There would also be a whole slew of strategic benefits for doing so. I know I'd rather fight one guy in 5 years than 10 guys right now. The fact is, ISIS will never be able to compete in an allied theater of war, and "hit and run" will only get you so far. Once the entire middle east has consolidated into 2 or 3 countries, and has destabilized Iran, we can get WWIII out of the way just before Iran gets nukes. Russia and China make things difficult though. This is happening, for sure. We don't get to this point without seeing it through. History has proven this time and time again. Such is life.

    At worst, the internal American sociopolitical war tactics have stitched discontent, apathy, and malaise into the fabric of American culture, weakening us for a planned fall that was conceived of by Russia in the 40's, imported in the 50's, implemented in the 60's, internalized by the 80's, and expressed by the new millennium generation, who is BY FAR the weakest, most confused, most apathetic, and laziest generation. China will replace the US with Russia as their cash cow, and America will economically starve as we continue to fight a proxy war with "terrorists" trained in the strategy of bleeding an opponent dry. America will resemble the old soviet satellite countries after the USSR's fall. We'll have to rebuild. We'll have to do better. Such is life. 

    Doom and gloom abound. Or, if you're an optimist, a chance to get the concept of civilization closer to "perfect". We just have to accept the growing pains.

  2. What all these so called experts completely fail to explain is what the ultimate goal is of all these jihadi terrorist groups. The goal of jihad/islam/dawah is THE SPREAD OF ISLAMIC SHARIA LAW OVER THE WHOLE PLANET. You have to completely stop the spread of sharia law in western countries. Interfering in islamic countries is a complete waste of energy and time. Islamic sharia law is inhumane and barbaric and incompatible with Western civilization.

  3. For the first time ( probably in the history of the world) all the earths nations face a common threat, yet the UN sit on their hands and does nothing.
    Is it the case that isis are going unchallenged for political reasons and please don`t start on about the occasional glossed over sortie.
    It appears to me that this unchallenged threat is deliberate but I cannot tell why.
    Its about time that the Arab league of nations put boots on the ground,got stuck in and dissolved this hideous threat.
    Relatively speaking,isis are a minuscule threat who are being given freedoms,BUT WHY.
    Is it to destabilise the middle east even more.
    Is it to get Iran involved.
    Same with Turkey.
    Is it the plan to amalgamate ( once and for all ) the middle east.
    Either way there is some underlying treachery involved,political or otherwise.
    The situation needs to be stabalised and this is where I hand over to the Arab league of nations,its your call now.
    Man up or else 🙁

  4. This was a great presentation
    I like to clarify that in suuni islam, the caliph doesn`t have to be only from Queresh quresh
    The shia say the caliph has to be from Queresh especially banu hashim and from the line of Hussein ibn ali talib.
    To say that we should propagate a falls notion only defeats once argument, that’s why scholars of the west need to consult with muslim scholars before they make such a novice mistakes.
    The single most powerful word that isis and likes hate is,” khawarij”
    Instead of calling them isis, DAES (meaningless secular acronym) or isil, they should be called khawarij.
    Anybody that knows Islamic history and authentic hadith narrations would know the power behind that word.

  5. Did you know our current allies oman are reformed khawarij who denounced violence, they are neither sunni nor shia but are remnant of earlier khawarij movement.
    The most amazing thing about islamist is that they are well versed in western thought and Islamic thought, they are truly modern and innovative (anybody that thinks islamist regressive and backward should look at your average islamist book shelf, don`t be surprised if you find Nietzsche, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes and david hume

    Islamist are great synthesisers, they are to Islamic civilisation what protestant were to the Christians religion wise. secular wise they are what the volkish secular movement was to german totalitarianism.

    Islamism is complex and simple at the same time, they follow simple ideology but pursue complex strategy, the management of savagery belong to the latter category and trying to make sense using religious argument won`t fly because it doesn`t fit the simple ideological and religious narrative, so Islamism should be seen through multiple lenses

  6. USA fantasy of World domination. YES "full spectrum domination" the USA agenda."We want the world and we want it Now." YES Hitler´s dream come true "White Man´s domination of the World". USA has DNA for Global Leadership says SEC.Clinton. Endless wars need endless oil needs endless tax money but mostly needs your endless FEAR. USA Military coups in Egypt Syria, Ukraine.Libya and ENDLESS SHAME and hatred for USA.

  7. it's not that amazing. Look at the protestant reformation and how entire regions that had been Roman Catholic for 1000 years were won over to Protestantism. Everyone says Islam needs a reformation. What people don't understand is that this is the latest Islamic reformation. Going back to the pure Islam, like Christian believed they were doing and they were. The difference is that Christian reformation means getting back to loving your neighbor, turning the other cheek, adult baptism and imitating Jesus and the Apostles. Islamic reformation means beheading kaffars, enslaving infidel woman captured in war, and imitating Muhammad and his companions. They are simply following early true reformed Islam.

  8. that is bullshit, they don't read Moa, they read the Quran and the Hadith and the Surrah. You have no idea what you are talking about. Read their Moa, what an idiot. Just read the Islamic sources they are following them to a T.


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