The Call To Prayer & One Godless Woman

The Call To Prayer & One Godless Woman

Here is my interview with One Godless Woman and some clips from her recent show on the call to prayer, now taking place in Canada. In our interview she discusses the Conservative Party of Canada, our political acquiescence to Islamists. She shares on her lived experience in Saudi Arabia and why she must now speak out.
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  1. Lord God, place a hedge of protection around Iman, as she goes about your business of unmasking the enemies at our gates…I plead the blood of Jesus over her, as she goes about her mission in life. Amen.

  2. When this faith came about there were no loudspeakers to call for prayers 5 times. How did they manage? Why there is no such demands from people of other faiths. This is the weakness of the Western world you keep giving they keep taking. One day it will like ‘Arab & camel story’ story

  3. Canada is a Christian country so we should hear church bells. We are not a Muslim country. Go back to where you came from. Keep Canada a majority European Christian country

  4. Wonderful discussion between two beautiful and courageous women ❤️. Love the respect and unity in cause. These are the type of women that our little girls need as role models.

  5. We christians need to do a call to,prayer everyday at the same time as islamists. Pray that their prayers do not get answered. Pray that what is prayed by them goes to deaf ears. Only Christian prayers will be heard!,

  6. Bonnie Crombie's emails, cell phone & BANK ACCOUNTS need to be exposed!!! She is a TREASONOUS charecter in bringing this CANCER to Canada. Thank you brave & beautiful women to expose this EVIL!!! Don't get discouraged- there are MANY who STAND WITH YOU. Much live & prayers.❤❤


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