Will U.S. respond to Iran’s fuel shipments to Venezuela? | Scope

Will U.S. respond to Iran’s fuel shipments to Venezuela? | Scope

The #UnitedStates is considering action in response to #Iran’s shipment of fuel to crisis-stricken #Venezuela. Could this lead to a clash between #Washington and #Tehran?

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  1. Is just saying one word , American weakness
    The country are independent
    Iran is independent country and they can what is possible to sell and buy own products and what anerica is doing just playing the game to get all for own benefit
    This need be stop
    America is become country of crime, warmonger, and who dont want deal with them just sanctions them
    Soon and later America be find him self in war with iran, china, Venezuela,
    And at this war america be lose everting

  2. Trump is criminal, corrupt , and fully lies
    No sanction can work with by pushing the country to get benefit for own this never be happened , when America touch one vessel of iran from now America be in big whole and no god going to help them
    And what this guy talking about behaviour of iran
    That is corrupt American not iran
    Let see how this beginning become ugly for america
    They dont Iranian mind

  3. There is nothing We can do. Stay out of other Countries business before You idiots get everyone killed. You dont have the manpower to do it now and nobody is going to listen to You after Iran mops the floor with You. There isnt going to be a draft.

  4. We are not the world police. It’s like Iran saying why US is literally have relationship with my neighbor country. I am kinda confused about the definition of Democracy by US, I am sure it’s not defined my way or the high way . Only under King Trump ….


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