Who does Hillary Clinton calls ‘domestic terrorism’?

Who does Hillary Clinton calls ‘domestic terrorism’?

Hillary Clinton calls armed Michigan lockdown protests ‘domestic terrorism’.
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  1. There is a fight for freedom still going on around the world, for freedom which deep inside everyone dreams about. However, many people stick to the old mental paradigm, by defending the slave system that usurps the right to steal 70 percent of our funds (PIT, CIT, VAT and lots of other taxes etc.). They are even sucking out our living essence by work in favour of their labour camps (the end of so called Globalism is coming). The curtain falls down overnight, faster and faster, the truth comes to light and only the survivors remain defending themselves from it. They still think that they can be rescued somehow. Wisdom is knowledge, it’s got crucial meaning and impact on our lives, it influences making decisions and takes part in predicting the future. Nevertheless, it is not the life wisdom that it seems to be. What is wisdom? It is a set of information which each individual has been collecting for recent years. You cannot get water out of a stone, but to be satisfied, you need to connect the dots step by step to get to the source of truth. It’s a matter of faith which makes your dreams come true. This way, I reached out to Christ who feeds my soul and heart and penetrates my mind showing me the unknown. Life wisdom is drawing the right conclusions from the mistakes in order to avoid situations which could repeat. It requires humility and pleading guilty, being a challenge, since everyone tries to be smart on their own way and thinks that they can solve all the problems in the existing world, as well as their own problems looking through the prism of their egos. It is vital to take off the masks you are wearing and to reveal yourself in front of Christ to feel and to be connected with Him. Saying “I was wrong’’ He will understand like nobody else. We were born this way- sinful, it is our nature. Sooner or later, we will remain free and start living in truth. Jesus Christ is coming with his kingdom, be prepared. All events that occur on earth are described in the Apocalypse of Saint John. Do not trust or believe anyone but Jesus Christ. Poland is awesome like the other Slavs. God bless you.


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