Fareed’s Take: Islamists & democracy in Egypt

Fareed’s Take: Islamists & democracy in Egypt

Fareed gives his take on the role of Islamist parties, like Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, in democracy. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/


  1. Free Massons, NWO, Jewish Bankers, Illuminatis, European Monarchies never allow Islamic Parties to come in power in Muslim countries through Democracy by Elections, so future is open season for Armed Resistance…………

  2. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood lied to get elected and then tried to overthrow the new so-called democracy.
    They changed the Constitution, closed down opposing TV channels, imprisoned journalists, filled government posts with Brotherhood tools and allowed the persecution of Coptic Christians.
    Morsi protesters shout Allah akbar and throw people from buildings. They've attacked and destroyed almost 70 churches.
    It's clear that the Islamofascists, if allowed to regain power, will destroy Egypt.

  3. Secular president is aight..
    But we Egyptians have fed up from dictators
    Even morsi have planned to be dictator but he didn't have time
    All we need is a loyal man who doesn't belong to any party and who really loves his country and wants it to improve..
    Egypt is different than ME and NA..
    Egypt is a really good country but it needs good management.


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