And now anyone who breathes ‘irresponsibly’ is basically a terrorist…

And now anyone who breathes ‘irresponsibly’ is basically a terrorist…

This is but a small sample of the number of promotional videos for these software products, and companies offering to help businesses and citizens become “compliant”, in just the past few weeks. There are many more.

How can anyone look at even a few seconds of any of these clips and actually feel “safer”, rather than horrified…?

Social Distancing Detection Powered by Motorola AI

EMOTYX : Face mask detection using AI

Ipsotek releases Proximity Detection module for Social Distancing Awareness

Motorola Solutions’ Face Mask Detection Technology

Derq demo video of AI-based crowd detection for COVID-19 applications

Derq demo video of AI-based mask detection for COVID-19 applications


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  1. You are not compliant. Recommendations for remediation will be on your smartphone shortly. Your cooperation in addressing this important safety matter is required.

  2. Please follow Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chaudhury YouTube channel. He is our savior from this plandemic. He exposed WHO and Bill Gates. Follow his DIP diet to get cure from any disease.

  3. Get ready for Gods coming judgement to this wicked world … the world is entering what the Bible calls The Great Tribulation.. .dont accept any vaccine. or ID chip..and Honestly give your heart and love to Jesus ,try to quit sinning and dont fear death because heaven with God for eternity is gonna be AWESOME ! Luke 21;36 KJV…..


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