Locusts sending to hell, ٹڈی دل کو دوزخ بھیجنے کا فیصلہ |Live Khoj tv|

Locusts sending to hell, ٹڈی دل کو دوزخ بھیجنے کا فیصلہ |Live Khoj tv|

Locusts crisis solution. Finely decided to Sending locust into hell. Use in human and poltery feed as protain. Loctus is Cheep and natural way of getting animal protain. Much afficent and organic protain. Locust protain use in poltery feed replaces soyabean husk and poltery resude. loctus eggs. desert storm. heavy rains effected crops. fish feed. animals feed. milking cows. dairy products. weather updates. weather forecast 24 hours.
Pakistan best strategy to counter enemy, Pak Army attack on enemy. Border disputes. LoC conflicts. Indian violations of LOC. Indian Army kill Kashmir. Curfew in Kashmir. Lockdown in Kashmir, India lockdown Kashmir God lockdown whole world. Hundred kills in 1 night. Pakistan overcome food shortage.
climate change favour locust reproduction. locusts attack India. loctus swarm start from Africa. UAE effected taddi dill. Iran action against loctus. Balochistan threats taddi. Malaysia. Nepal. Ladakh. Tibet. Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, Russia, Syria, geopolitical situation, world stock market, economic crisis, interest rate, doller crash, British pound sterling value, Itely deaths,
France, USA roits, Protesters enter white house, Tramp flees white house.




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