Wafa Sultan Clashes with Egyptian Islamist

Wafa Sultan Clashes with Egyptian Islamist


  1. Why the cherry picking? Why don't you project both voices? The very same Wafa had a debate in yhe same shoe with Islamist Al Khooli and she was silenced like a rat. You only show parts that serve your point of view. Bias.

  2. This is called art which she has learnt as she is psychatrist so she knows how to numb ones thoughts by foul speech the first of all you people dont know any single verse about islam the verses she is speaking about has the explanations why islam is encouraging to kill jewsbecause they are hypocrites she has never said anything about porn industrues. The one who are saying intelligent to them are blind. She is only yelling hasnt any logic what is she is speaking about i have gone through his most of debates repeating same things same words her questions revolves around a one circle bomb blasts Quran islam and why one scholar has shut her mouth and she dare not to speak a single word infront of him. As she is very tryant and proud of her self she thinks she knows very well about islam she just quotes some statements about islam without explaining those with furtherin detail i have seen so many athiests like her they can easily be step down if we listen them patiently what ever she is speaking blaming abt islam she did not give detail why jews of banu qureza were killed in medina. Because jews who were living in medina refused muslims in participating battle against makkans kuffars. So muslims and jews had treaty bw them that if jews are not going to fight with makkans then should stay away from makkans and not give them support against muslims.jews agreed and treaty was made bw them before the battle of trench. but jews knew muslims are few so they cant win from makkans they broke the treaty and supoorted makkans unfortunately makkans lost battle and muslins also lost the lives of there companions then jews flewfrom medina to near by jewish state for refuge and muslims knew this they sent message to head of the jewish state as about the jews hypocrisy as the head of jewish state has good relations with muslims and for what they (jews) were slaugtered as the punishment of there hypocrisy and penality of breaking treaty and those jews were killed who left medina after losing battle of trench.


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