The Swedish Communist new view on Islamists? In your dreams. / Vidme closing down

The Swedish Communist new view on Islamists? In your dreams. / Vidme closing down

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  1. This happened in Iran. The same thing. When Islam took over they had for several years prior told the people they will have free houses, cheap electricity, free medical, free University, less expensive foods. Full rights for muslims. But it was all a lie. However it worked. They used the middle class and upper class and went out among the people and said they do not follow Islam and are greedy people who refuse to share their money. The media made them hated. The media made women less than human and they won the people's heart. Men offered their little girls to the Ayatollah. one girl was only 4. We have documentation of his rape of her. her screams. This is how the Iranians live today. Miserable, afraid and angry and confused. This is Islam.

  2. Stefan, maybe check out the Faith Goldy interview with this guy.

    He's got a fashy haircut, so who knows what his ultimate aims are. But leaving aside his motivations, I have to say he's done a very good job of grasping and summarizing what the 'Cultural Marxists' are actually thinking. He offers several observations that very neatly 'translate' the leftist 'dismantling the master's house' rhetoric. Definitely worth a watch…

  3. 1) you might like to try 'Gab' 2) Marxist-Leninism has always appealed to intellectual lightweights. People who want to quickly make lots of friends, and can't be bothered studying History or Economics. They might manage a pamphlet here, and a booklet there, but the rest is make-belief, false and impossible promises, hype and hysteria. And the belief that they alone know the Truth, and everybody else is wrong. The problem is these gullible cretins vote and influence others. In Ireland, despite the enormous contributions of Irish patriots over many decades, the sad fact is that Sinn Fein today is unrecognizable from the heroes who went before. Many of whom died. Sinn Fein today champions open borders, unrestricted immigration, which horrifies many of us. We see the noble Celts being reduced, in matter of a few decades, to a fearful, powerless minority in their ancient ancestral homelands. Surrounded by an alien ideology. Living in a 3rd world sh*thole.


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