Working-class getting hit harder by COVID-19, data shows | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

Working-class getting hit harder by COVID-19, data shows | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

Doctors tell Wendy Mesley they’re optimistic politicians are beginning to turn their attention to the spread of COVID-19 in working-class neighbourhoods full of essential workers, and that Ontario’s new testing strategy could help tackle one of the virus’ last strongholds in Canada.

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  1. Clown show attacking our right to freedom all they do is lie to us. Tell me where these line ups are since your testing 10,000 a day in Ontario? Testing centers are empty hospitals are empty people are not working .

  2. A Much Higher Percentage of middle and older age working Class MEN are exposed to and catching this C-19 virus n dying … Waaamen are still shopping at Wally World everyday for clothes, hair n face paint, plus a plethora of other non necessity selfish junk ! . . But Waaaamen Most Affected !
    Stand at the door of a W.W. and watch the same waaamen walk in and out of it From 7:am to 10:pm – 2 to 6 times a day !!!
    They'll also Stop and Stand 2 feet away from your face – and Boisterously tell you how Everything should Be Being Done …. Middle age to OLD Waaamen are The WORST customers to deal with " Everywhere " = Hypocrites n Narcissist !!

  3. I was asking for testing for a long time. Test your workers at grocery/ convenience/ general stores. We see hundreds if not thousands of people everyday. The workers will be the first to contract it, because of the flux of potential contact points.
    Its sad, because nobody would want to know that an essential service has a virus and no way to pinpoint how it was contracted.


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