Defeating the Islamist extremists: A global strategy for combating al Qaeda and the Islamic State

Defeating the Islamist extremists: A global strategy for combating al Qaeda and the Islamic State

The Paris attacks sadly prove again that the West is losing the fight against al Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS). Al Qaeda’s branches and partners have increased the territory they control in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and North Africa, and ISIS continues to expand globally despite US-led airstrikes.

There is a better way forward than the current failing strategies. A major AEI report, “A Global Strategy for Combating al Qaeda and the Islamic State,” proposes the ideological, security, diplomatic, economic, and political components of a comprehensive, global US strategy to degrade the extremists’ capabilities until they are unable to carry out a mass-casualty attack on the United States or its allies.

Please join AEI for the public release of this important report and a conversation between Ret. General Michael T. Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Frederick W. Kagan that will detail the necessary courses of action to defeat al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

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  1. I think I can help the military man understand the reaction by the turkish soccer fans.
    It wasnt that they praised the killings. They resented being made to honour the lives of some random frenchmen when many of them have friends, reletives or at least people they identify with being killed every day in vast numbers.
    When was the last minutes silence we had for the 500,000+ syrians? (I believe to be their point)

  2. Better Idea. Buy a solar panel! That way we all eventually get energy independence from oil, therefore less money for Rich Oil Saudi Oil barrens to spend on their "extra circular activities" a.k.a terrorism. Then they can go back to being the world leaders in exporting egg timers, or what ever commodity of non consequence they did before pumping money out of the ground. Good luck funding terrorism off egg timer profits. Sure it will take a few decades, but by then we will all have futuristic electric cars, no terrorism, and we would have solved climate change to boot. Win Win!

    Buy a solar panel.


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