Terrorism And Drug Trafficking / Documentary Video

Terrorism And Drug Trafficking / Documentary Video

Terrorism And Drug Trafficking / Documentary Video. Public domain video.


  1. @irishred3032 Yeah, several centuries ago, half of them were before your country was even born. In those days people also burned woman to death because they were allegedly "witches". You want to judge a country to the standards of that day? Cause all the wars of the usa were in the 20th & 21st century, when people were supposed to be civilised and know better. None of the former European colonisers waged a bunch of wars like you did.

  2. @irishred3032 Should a shameful past of colonization by Britain stop a Brit criticizing American attempts at further Empire building? It's bad enough our government is backing yours up but I think there's little feeling amoungst UK people to support that, is that the same for the people of the USA?

  3. More people are killed by slipping in the bathtub then terrorism in America every year. Nine guys with box cutters, that doesn't need drug money, $40 at Walmart more boxcutters than you would need to take all those planes down. Also the Taliban killed opium producers, yeah kind of against the Quran, they don't even drink alcohol you idiots.

  4. These guys talking in the video do not know much. Or they are intentionally spreading disinformation. Historically, the English were the first to introduce drug business in the world. They continued for centuries till almost WW2. After WW2 when the Americans dislodged the English as superpower of the world, the CIA took over from where the English left. CIA is a powerful organ of US Govt.

    Watch "An Unholy Alliance" – to see a good documentary on drug trafficking.

  5. "Run smooth like corporations" that statement alone is ignorant of the evil trade deals and coups responsible for all the poverty and lack of infrastructure in Central and South America.

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