[WKF2016│ENG SUB] Die Zukunft von Brexit und Europa│Gerhard Schröder

[WKF2016│ENG SUB] Die Zukunft von Brexit und Europa│Gerhard Schröder

The global community is following Germany’s every move ever since Brexit.Germany is considered to be the core member of the EU and Germany’s moves will reflect the fate of the EU. What will happen to the relationship between Great Britain and the EU? How will they solve the refugee crisis? How will EU continue their economic relations with the U.S. and others? Many are expecting Germany to lead the EU in solving these issues. In this session, Gerhard Schroder will share his thoughts on the future of Europe. Mr. Schroder served as the Prime Minister of Germany from 1998 to 2005 and fought for series of reforms to revive Germany. He carried out numerous health care and labor reforms and restored Germany’s relationship with Russia during his time in office. He will share his insights on the future of EU and the how they will overcome the risks laying ahead. The whole world will pay attention to his speech at this year’s World Knowledge Forum.

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