‘Get off their Knees’! Ret. Counter-Terrorism Officer Demands Police Stop Submitting

‘Get off their Knees’! Ret. Counter-Terrorism Officer Demands Police Stop Submitting

In this exclusive RAIR Foundation USA interview, Retired Terrorism Detective and UTT’s Director of Investigations, Stephanie Ameiss details the unenviable position police officers have been thrust into with the recent communist “Defund Police” movement. More specifically, many senior law enforcement officials have pressured officers to take a knee with radicals in a show of solidarity. She further laments that there is no focus on the the hundreds of police officers that have been injured or killed in the recent riots.

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  1. Stephanie has an impressive background, and I hope more officers take her advice to STOP SUBMITTING. The police who do this look so weak. Our enemies, like Russia, Iran and China must be laughing their tails off at how weak the US looks.

  2. Are the officers kneeling some of the same ones arresting people for beach going during the illegal lockdowns a few weeks ago? Because I see the same confusion regarding their oath underpinning both acts.

  3. I have many black friends, however I'd never get down on one knee, to me it's a way of mimicking the same position the way George Floyd was killed so would be an insult, also this is not just about BLM because to me it's all lives matter, so maybe standing in complete silence would be a better way to show solidarity.

  4. It looks to me that they took a Leaf out of "Sefton Delmer" in their treatment of Trump and the American People.
    "We will win the war with atrocity propaganda.
    And now we are only really starting to do it!
    We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until nobody will take a good word from the Americans, until everything that is good about them will be destroyed, and the sympathies they had in other countries, and they will have become so confused that they no longer know what they are doing, when that is achieved, when they start to pollute their own nest, not gritting their teeth, but in a rush to please the winners, only then will the victory be complete, and it is never final.
    Reeducation needs careful tending, like an English lawn.
    Even one moment of negligence, and the weeds crop up again
    ~ those indestructible weeds of historical truth."
    (I replaced Germans with Americans from the original quote and "have won" with "will win")

  5. Its not the leaders, its the followers who are the problem. The mask wearers, the kneeler, are the problem, not the tyrants. I have respect for the tyrants, big balls on these alphas. It have disgust for the police who take a knee and even prostrate themselves before criminals .


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