Dr. Walid Phares (June 2020): Analysis of the Geopolitics of the Libya Conflict

Dr. Walid Phares (June 2020): Analysis of the Geopolitics of the Libya Conflict

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Read the transcript: https://westminster-institute.org/events/analysis-of-the-geopolitics-of-the-libya-conflict-june-2020/
Dr. Walid Phares, who served as a foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump and Mitt Romney and is Fox News national security expert, will assess US policy towards the Greater Middle East from Afghanistan to Libya, with insights into major crises in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Gulf and Turkey.

Dr. Phares is an engaging and highly sought after Middle East expert and pacesetter, often predicting trends and situations on the ground years before they occur. He is a Fox News Expert, advisor to the US Congress and the European Parliament and served as a senior advisor on national security foreign policy to presidential candidate Mitt Romney 2012.

Dr Phares is the only expert/author who predicted the Arab Spring a year before it occurred in his pacesetting book, The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East (Threshold, a division of Simon and Shuster 2010). Dr Phares holds an extensive CV and noteworthy achievements in the fields of academia, government strategies, media and publishing critical advice on combatting terrorism and countering jihadi radicalization both stateside and abroad.

Dr Phares holds a Ph.D in international relations and strategic studies from the University of Miami, and a Political Science Degree from St Joseph University and a Law degree from the Lebanese University in Beirut and a Master in International Law from Universite Jean Moulin in Lyons, France.


  1. Such a hyhocracy, lying by looking at your face…Haftar is owned by US. He
    has been a CIA asset…His family is kind of hostage in US. Russia wants bases and share in libya.. US and Russia were in aggrement I believe. Nobody cared if GNA is about to be wiped, until Turkey has turned the tide…Hafter has the least amount of libyan soldiers..Most of his soldiers are merchararies from syria, sudan, algeria, cad etc. .He a dictator, warlord…This type of dictators is preferred by Russia and West…This so called advisor guy is a joke, my 10 years-old son can do better analysis than him…

  2. Isis, al-queada are created by US to destabileze and devide syria middle east…They want to dive syria and create kurdish puppet state and later this stati will be taken over by isreal…This guy is classic sisi like arap, which is mostly likely atheist and arap nationalist.

  3. I think there are some important elements missing in the second part of the video, relating to the current situation.
    First of all, Italy also supports the GNA, which is significant because it is an EU / NATO member. It seems they are less concerned about what Mr. Walid argues is the danger of 10.000 jihadists flooding to Europe. Secondly, it is an LNA position that the newly arrived fighters from Syria are jihadists. The GNA & Turkey would describe them as members of the Syrian National Army. They are demotivated, do not have any ambitions to stay in Libya, and would actually rather defend Idlib. Thirdly, one of the main strategic reasons Turkey increased its support for GNA is specifically to divide the sea between them. This disrupts Israel's plans to set up and export gas to Europe through Cyprus and Greece; a cooperation that Turkey was completely left out of.

    Side-note.The LNA narrative that GNA is using Syrian mercenaries is actually quite hypocritical considering a large portion of Wagner mercenaries (5.000) were recruited from Syria as well.

  4. It seems that Dr. Phares is pretty biased against GNA. Not mentioning that Field marshal-General-Admiral Haftar was a neighbour of the CIA Headquarter in Langley for twenty years, of course just a coincidence! Take a look at Haftars backers: MBS of Saudi Arabia who likes his Journalist in Kebab form, Egyptian dictator al-Sisi aka Field marshal-general-admiral al-Sisi, the Terrorists from UAE, the wannabe Napoleon Macron defier of the brave yellow wests and last but not least the KGB Killer from Moscow.


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