Islamism: Interview with Klingschor (The Infidel Special Report)

Islamism: Interview with Klingschor (The Infidel Special Report)

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Today’s special report: This is an interview with Klingschor, an expert in islam. In a recent video he exemplifies the fact that the left has historically been fighting islamism, while the right has been supporting it.

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  1. 24.45 minutes in Klingschor changes the subject in that the individual believes a homosexual should be put to death though they themselves wouldn't commit the act. When it was pointed out that these individuals would allow others to murder homosexuals Klingschor then changes the subject by pointing out that states did not enforce such laws… this observation is not relevant as the fact remains… people will tolerate the murder of their fellow citizens under a country governed by laws that legalise murder.

  2. Klingshor said the Muslim girl said "Gays should be killed but I wouldn't do it"… Klingshor says "even then she is saying she wouldnt actually do it" (if I am quoting correctly)….well yes but what if another person came and said "gays should not under any circumstances be murdered for being gay". What is the difference? Well one is clearly hate speech and the other is not….The latter clearly does not inject fear into the hearts of gays based on their sexual orientation, whilst the other one does. RIGHT? words have meanings. Interpretations are usually reasonable and straightforward. What Specific ideas and beliefs have specific consequences at least in THEORY . Gays should be killed. That is the rule. An evil rule. But Muslims once upon a time in Spain were openly gay in a MAJORITY CHRISTIAN COUNTRY.. Hmmm what if in a Majority Muslim country? I wonder what Islamic rule could possibly be applied or secretly disobeyed in that case, where a majority of people beleived gays should be killed but they themselves wouldnt do it….something is a bit odd here.


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