Reading stabbings: Met police declare incident as terrorist attack

Reading stabbings: Met police declare incident as terrorist attack

The killing of three people in a stabbing rampage in a park in Reading is being treated as a terrorist attack, Met police assistant commissioner Neil Bosu has said. A 25-year-old Libyan national is being held by police over the incident, in which at least three other people sustained serious injuries.
Reading stabbings declared a terrorist attack by police
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  1. t is unfortunate that the authorise and the media need highlight scenes of increased vigilance during a heightened time of fear. There is no importance to correlate anything more (ie BLM) than the facts. Why is it that they can say they are not looking for anyone else? But start TERROR ATTACK. If they really had our safety and wellbeing at heart the facts would come first before the need to point out anything else.

  2. White lives matter. This was a racial attack against White people..what is happening in this world?are we afraid to say the truth?or it only goes one way?Black people can be racist towards white people too, you know?it goes bothe ways. I am sick of this political correctness.


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