Amb. Danon Called on the Palestinian Representative to Condemn Terrorism; He refused

Amb. Danon Called on the Palestinian Representative to Condemn Terrorism; He refused

“Shame on you! Instead of condemning terror – you’re encouraging it!”
Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations and the non-profit One Family hosted Natan and Renana Meir, the widower and daughter of Dafna Meir, at a special meeting of the Security Council on the situation in Israel today (Monday). Ambassador Danon opened his remarks by noting that “The endless incitement and the ongoing glorification of violence,” by the Palestinians “is directly responsible for the murder of innocent Israelis.”

Ambassador Danon then criticized the Security Council for failing to condemn terrorism against Israelis despite the wave of ongoing violence over the past seven months. “Since no one else will ask the hard questions, I will,” said Ambassador Danon.” He then turned to the Palestinian representative Riyad Mansour and asked “Are you ready right now to denounce terror against innocent Israelis?” Asked Ambassador Danon. When the Palestinian representative refused to do so, Ambassador Danon denounced him saying “Shame on you! Instead of denouncing terror, you are encouraging it!”

In his speech before the Security Council, Ambassador Danon recalled the story of Daphna Meir who was murdered at the entrance of her home in Otniel, Israel by a fifteen year-old Palestinian. Three of Meir’s children were home at the time. Daphna fought with her attacker, saving her children’s lives. The terrorist later admitted that he was inspired to kill by video clips and other hate filled content on Palestinian TV and social media. “Natan and Renana are here with us in this chamber sitting behind me,” said Ambassador Danon. “The Palestinian culture of hate and constant brainwashing is responsible for the loss of too many Israelis. And it is directly responsible for the murder of Dafna Meir,” he concluded.

At the opening of the Council meeting Natan and Renana Meir noted that “It is difficult to express in words the deep pain and unbearable longing. This sense of loss breaks our heart and our soul. With broken hearts we ask the international community for help. We hear those who say that terror is a result of frustration, and we ask – is there anything more frustrating than what we have endured?”

One Family, an Israeli non-profit which cares for those who have been bereaved or injured in terrorist attacks, accompanied the Meir’s on their visit to New York.

“The impact of terrorism can only be understood through the stories of the victims themselves,” said Chantal Belzberg, Executive Vice-Chairman of One Family. “We believe that Natan and Renana’s perspective on terror is important to anyone who wants to understand what is happening to the people of Israel, and especially to those who want to put an end to this horror. By bringing them to New York we hope to bring this unique vision to the world and ultimately defeat terrorism,” Ms. Belzberg concluded.


  1. Ambassador Danon, thank you for your courage and strength to stand up to the terrorists. May G-d bless you and your family and all of the victims of terror and violence in Israel with peace.

  2. Danon is a really disgusting man just as Netanjahu. Shouting instead of having a dialogue like real men. What did Ban Ki Moon just say? You are such an arrogant, egoistic person. What is this supposed to be? This man makes me and the whole world think very negative about Israel. But I know – I hope – he is only representing a few idiots. Damn!

  3. haha…this is a dark comedy
    it's like Hitler with his hands dripping of Blood asking other humans to condemn the act of killing
    and saying shame on you

    well shame on you the Israeli rep
    shame on EVERY Israeli occupying the Palestinian land
    shame on everyone who blindly support Israel and close their eyes and ears of the terrorist apartheid acts performed on daily basis against Palestinians in their OWN land

    and lastly, shame on you the person who uploaded this video showing a one sided massage
    I dare if you upload the full discussion

    I dare you to upload the horrific acts performed by the Israeli army and Israeli citizen against innocent Palestinian

    you keep on poking the bear and hide your actions

    sooner or later, the world will know how filthy and dirty is the Israeli regime

  4. May god and god himself and no human being inflict terror and ilnesses to the whole OBAMA family for having allowed terror in israel to thrive. YOU KNOW IT OBAMA " you are an arab, your name is arabic and you stink like one. You did nothing during your presidentialship to stop terro/ Let >GOD release terror on you.

  5. Israel steals the Palestinians' land, occupies and abuses them for over 60 years, constantly sends a first world army to target, terrorise, abuse and occupy a 3rd world population that has never had an army, in the last few years Israel's occupation has turned into actual apartheid… and Israel whines that the world doesn't feel sorry enough for Israel! You just couldn't make it up.

  6. When a country is illegally occupied armed civilian struggle is called Resistance – The world is being conned into using the wrong terminology – you wouldn't call the fighter in the Warsaw Ghetto terrorist or the French Underground terrorists unless of cause you were a Nazi

  7. Shame on the Israelis who think like you! as a Palestinian American I don't know how my country the US can keep aligning it self with the Israelis when they continue to discriminate towards the Palestinians- is it because the US feels sorry for them for what has happen to them with Hitler? the Israeli's are doing similar acts of injustice towards the Palestinians to point where they are practically pushing them out to the sea from all the land they have illegally occupied. Why must the US keep sending them millions of dollars every year to support them? when the Israeli's are practically suffocating the Palestinians with all the walls and checkpoints that they build around them. it doesn't make sense for the US to support them when the US is a country where immigrants migrate to escape the injustice of their country.


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