Crash an islamist demonstration

Crash an islamist demonstration

During a protest of extremist muslims again cartoons depecting muhamad, the pranks group of La BAF has decided to stand in front of them for free speech.


  1. Cruise Ships. I'd say with 3 nice sized Cruise Ships we can deport all of the haters in no-time flat. Where? I'm thinking northern Africa….maybe Samalia. Lots of sand and camels. We could be done in two months. Who is with me?

  2. @skydome29 That's great – "Shitallastan". That's funny. Yeah that's where these brown fundamentalists belong – in the desert. And then poison their water supply. Or better yet, cut the water supply off – its a slower death.

  3. @skydome29 Absolutely correct. Islamic fundamentalism and Christian fundamentalism are one and the same. And you will note that both employ the Nazi swastika in their iconography. Why? Because they're fascists!

  4. the white guys with the billboards were provoking the Muslims who were protesting the cartoons of Mohammed by the Danish guy. The billboards had "free speech for Danish cartoonists" written on them. Pretty ballsy if you ask me.


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