UK police declares Reading stabbing attack a terrorist incident

UK police declares Reading stabbing attack a terrorist incident

With UK police declaring Reading stabbings as a terror attack, we get more on this update from our correspondent Iolo ap Dafydd.
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  1. NEWSFLASH: The motive for the attack was the outrage that the secular left has with the UK's refusal to remove Aunt Jemima Syrup from the store shelves.

  2. It's an other phobic reaction, the man well known as a mental health patient, he has a mental health issue as being declared today , and on every thing, Alcohol + grass, as in the news, just because he is a Muslim from north of Africa everybody jumped the gun and started his accusation , just tell me if he was white British what would ve been declared???

    You should be sorry about what you said about it in the news yesterday.

  3. Many Muslims demonise gay people and are against the Tory governments curriculum based on equality. This Bill passed with 3% opposition and that was mainly DUP It is one Muslim school that protests out of 33,000 schools and they have admitted they do not have children at the school

  4. if he had done this for extremist views (as they say he might have had mental health issues), i think I'm speaking on behalf of all Muslims to say that what this man did was a crime against humanity, his people and his religion. These actions make us feel very ashamed and hurt. it only takes a few bad apples to ruin an already hurt race of people.


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