George Floyd Killing के बाद USA में हुआ I Can’t Breathe Protest | Black vs White | Duniyadari E62

George Floyd Killing के बाद USA में हुआ I Can’t Breathe Protest | Black vs White | Duniyadari E62

Badi Khabar-

Minneapolis: George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man, died on May 25 after repeatedly pleading, “I can’t breathe.” Derek Chauvin, a white Minneapolis police officer, first handcuffed George Floyd and pinned him to the ground. Then he pressed his knee into the neck of George Floyd for seven minutes. This chokehold suffocated George Floyd and he died. A video of the incident, recorded on a mobile by a passerby, went viral on Social media inciting large protests in Minneapolis and several other cities in the United States. Derek Chauvin, along with three other policemen involved in the killing of George Floyd, have been fired. However, the angry protesters are not ready to step back. Demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd has turned violent. Angry protestors set on fire a Police station in Minneapolis.

President Donald Trump has threatened violence against the protestors suggesting that they could be shot. Twitter attached a warning to Trump’s tweet accusing that the tweet has violated the Twitter rules about glorifying violence. Death of George Floyd and the circumstances around his killing are similar to the killing of Eric Garner in July 2014.

First Headline-

Nigeria is yet to receive the 1,000 ventilators promised by United States President Donald Trump.

Second Headline-

China has again threatened to attack Taiwan if there is no other option left of stopping it from becoming independent.

Third Headline-

French Automaker company Renault announced its plan to cut 15,000 jobs worldwide.

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