In and Out of Islamism with Maajid Nawaz – Q&A Part 8

In and Out of Islamism with Maajid Nawaz – Q&A Part 8

Earlier this year, Maajid Nawaz left Hizb ut-Tahrir, standing down as a senior member of its national executive committee. After years of involvement with the group including four years in an Egyptian jail for his membership of the Party, Maajid had come to reconsider his membership. He has started to publish online his ideological and theological objections in some detail, hoping that some within the Party will reconsider their positions and, perhaps more importantly, young Muslims are not recruited to this ideology in the first place. He has rejected the idea of banning the group but believes instead that their ideas, and more broadly those of Islamism, should be publicly challenged and refuted. As such this is less about Hizb ut-Tahrir and more about the kind of politics that British Muslims believe has faith-centred justification.


  1. prophet muhamed pbuh : there will be 73 sects whithin islam, all will be destined to enter hellfire, but one will enter paradise. the one who follows the Quran and sunnah.


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