Ode to Isis Astara (the Hymn of the Rose)

Ode to Isis Astara (the Hymn of the Rose)

My Ode to Isis Astara, ode to the Divine Goddess. Played and recorded live with a Korg microStation. Of course tuned to 432Hz. Play on a Hifi system for best audio experience.

Melody came via my higher self; originating from the Light World. As if all Light Beings sang like one choir.

Signed by my unconditional Love, Michael.


  1. Have you ever wondered why is the rose considered to be the queen of the flowers? IT IS THE FLOWER WITH THE HIGHEST VIBRATION! And in Universe, the HIGEST's are not called kings and queens. They are GODDESSES and GODS. And that's what we're trying so hard to achieve. Nice job Mike!????


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