‘Black U.S. Marshals Are Battling Systemic Racism at the Agency’

‘Black U.S. Marshals Are Battling Systemic Racism at the Agency’


‘Black U.S. Marshals Are Battling Systemic Racism at the Agency’

Retired Chief Deputy Says Members of Congress, nor the Department of Justice, Have Done Nothing to Address the Crisis


Dr. Matthew Fogg is a retired Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal with 32 years of public service and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. He’s also the federal agent who challenged the U.S. Department of Justice and won. His District of Columbia federal court victory in 1998, which resulted in a jury award of $4 million for exposing race discrimination and retaliatory tactics by the DOJ, was a landmark civil rights judgment against the agency.

He has received major awards from the director of the U.S. Marshals Service, the District of Columbia U.S. Attorney and the Federal Bar Association for outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty: directing the arrest of over 300 of America’s most wanted fugitives charged with murder, rape, child molestation, hate crimes, prison escape, terrorism, illegal drugs and more in the U.S. and overseas.

Marshal Fogg appeared in a 2015 episode of “The G-Man Interviews” to discuss racism in the U.S. Marshal Service and law enforcement agencies across the country. He is Class Agent in {Fogg. et. al vs Eric Holder/U.S. DOJ}, pending before the U.S. EEO Commission, representing hundreds of Black U.S. Marshals, nationwide. He joins me to provide an overview of the case and the latest developments.

The interview was conducted on October 25, 2019.

Additional information on the former U.S. marshal is available through the following link: https://bigotswithbadges.com/

Photos courtesy of Dr. Fogg.