USA: Trump supporters and BLM protesters argue outside Tulsa rally

USA: Trump supporters and BLM protesters argue outside Tulsa rally

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America’s societal divide was as prevalent as ever on Saturday when Black Lives Matter protesters rallied outside Donald Trump’s MAGA rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. No violence was reported as the two sides shouted at each other from different sides of a street.

The arguments and commotion took place shortly before Donald Trump held his first campaign rally since the coronavirus outbreak began. The rally was eventually held in front of a much smaller crowd than the president was expecting. The Trump campaign team had been boasting that almost one million people had applied for tickets for the MAGA rally.

However, the 19,000-seat arena was nowhere near full amid concerns about public mass gatherings in an indoor arena due to the pandemic.

Before the rally, groups of Black Lives Matter protesters and Trump supporters argued constantly, with both sides shouting at each other throughout the build-up to the event. Police officers were seen trying to keep the road clear.

Black Lives Matters protesters were angry about the timing of the event, which was originally supposed to take place on Friday, which was Juneteenth, before Trump changed the date after being accused of a lack of sensitivity.

“Why would you come here? So you plan to come here on Juneteenth, then you changed it to come the day after Juneteenth, like that still wasn’t just as much of an outrage. I’m sure there are Juneteenth celebrations going on right now, but guess what they are being overshadowed by, this motherfucker (Trump). For what? Why are you here? We don’t want you here, we don’t need you here, we need you to make some laws to save black lives from these police officers that are killing us every day on the street,” said Black Lives Matter protester Margoth Clein.

“We’re here to support our president. We’re here to love this nation, that’s all it is, that’s all it is. This fake media is blowing up crap that doesn’t need to be escalated. This is fake news, man, this is what Trump’s been talking about for a while,” argued Trump supporter Robert Lawrence.

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