Chaos as Beach fights in UK – Large group of people on Beach start fighting

Chaos as Beach fights in UK – Large group of people on Beach start fighting

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Latest reports from around the world;

Brixton London riots where police car was stomped and smashed, police reported to be injured.

Heavy rain has cancelled any Blacklivesmatter BLM protests today.
Steven Crowder went in to the CHAZ zone to film. Jack Posobiec was assaulted by Antifa when he went to film for his twitter
Police were pelted with bottles during confrontations in Parliament Square, where groups said they were protecting statues from anti-racism activists.

A Minutes silence was held today for the 3 people who sadly lost their lives to the attack in reading, london.

Some Black Lives Matter demonstrations happened over weekend

Organisers had urged people anti-racism rallies planned for the weekend over fears there could be clashes with far-right groups. One demonstration planned for Saturday in London was brought forward by a day.

However, other demonstrators gathered around the Cenotaph war memorial in Whitehall and the boarded-up statue of Winston Churchill.

Chaz chop autonomous zone in seattle guns are being handed out like toilet paper. Fights and clashes are happening. New Mexico a shooting was caught on video. France has all out gang warfare today on Monday with shots being heard everywhere as 3 gangs clash.
Marcus rashford and pl will start tomorrow.
Ksi sideman

The statue of Churchill was boxed up to protect it from potential damage, after protesters daubed “was a racist” on it last weekend.

Protesters sang the national anthem and chanted “England”, amid a tense atmosphere and heavy police.

Bubba Wallace noose investigation closed by the FBI
The statues have now been protected by Trump

Sharing footage of the clashes on Twitter, Home Secretary Priti Patel described it as “unacceptable thuggery”.

“Any perpetrators of violence or vandalism should expect to face the full force of the law,” she wrote.

“Violence towards our police officers will not be tolerated.”

She added that coronavirus “remains a threat to us all”, urging people to go home.
Image copyright EPA
Image caption Police were present by the Cenotaph in Whitehall, as protesters gathered on Saturday

CHAZ CHOP Zone has been declared an autonomous zone by protesters. A man did come and tear down the CHAZ Zone. The latest updates in Seattle for the Chop Zone is the Garden has been dismantled.

The Met said the move came after it learned some people were coming into London to cause harm and were likely to bring weapons with them.
At the scene in Parliament Square

Left wing democrats and right wing republicans are becoming more strained as the 2020 election comes up between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
AOC has said that a bunch of Tik Tok users booked out Trumps tulsa rally

Statues of Cicil, Colombus was taken down. Statues took down and rolled in water and stomped.
American flags also set alight recently..
John Boyega at Black Lives Matter protest

Earlier some officers had been seen “taking a knee” ,

Protests over the death of George Floyd have escalated over the past week.

Four police meanwhile have been shot and injured in Missouri, Statue in England and winston churchill vandalised, London riots washington seattle is

autonomous zone seattle demilitarised area of BLM, Gang has taken over the police department. Demonstrations in america USA.
Riots and Protests 2020

. Several people were arrested. Riots and Protest Blacklivesmatter BLM 2020 in every country Belgium France Sweden Uk London Usa. france gangs

Mr Trump said “all Americans were rightly sickened and revolted by the brutal death of George Floyd”

Mr Trump added: “. then I’ll deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.”

Huge violent riots spark across the world Germany and Brussels, uk. Army

Tom Hanks spoke to Bill Clinton about the Riots and said it was “perfect timing”… Or did he??? Whats her name? Rita Wilson… She angry at Ellen Degeneres

Riots in DC, Washington,  Joe Biden,  Trump “[was] using the American military against the American people”.
An escalation

Trump may declare complete martial law if this doesnt stop.

the president would cite a centuries-old black lives matter protests race riots. Ksi has spoke to mrbeast and pewdiepie about his frustrations with fifa 20. They both agreed.
Trump Tulsa Rally, Aoc tweets about how her fans booked tickets on TIK TOK.

Bolton book
K-Pop music is so bad, it made me appreciate Lady gaga a lot more.
Seattle has set up a autonomous zone where it has been declared bbc news cnn and fox,