France Pays Dearly: Gun Laws that Welcome Terrorists

France Pays Dearly: Gun Laws that Welcome Terrorists

Islamic Terrorist execute cops on the sidewalk in Paris. Then calmly walk into a satirical newspaper office and do the same. Their goal is to silence and put in fear opposition voices to their cause. Obama says the newspaper exercised bad judgment and brought this upon themselves. The bigger issue attacked here is the impunity at which the gunmen operated in yet another “gun free” or “free fire” zone. They promise to do the same elsewhere. Can you expect Islamic execution squads in your town soon? Maybe. There will be in-country nationals who respond to Islamic propaganda to “fight in place.” But I think they might find American cities, especially in the West and South, much more hazardous to their operations. Another one of kind Nutnfancy truth discussion that will launch more discussion on how gun control destroys public safety and creates victims.


  1. Damn straight.

    But not whole Eu is the same. progressive bureaucrats wan't to make us defenseless (they actually proposed to ban all semi-auto rifles and even deactivated ones) and flood us with migrants from mid-east and northern Africa that are filled with hate toward local people and thinks they are entitled to free stuff.

    Whole ex-soviet part of Europe knows very well how government can turn on their people therefore they are cautious at letting some crooks from Brussels to decide what's best for them. Whole eastern Europe rejects forced immigration and most of it allows gun ownership. yes you need to register but you can have any weapon you desire (as far as semi auto's are concerned)

    And it seems since the countries are smaller we don't have this relationship of gunpoint to keep the government in check. That being said I am packing my bags and leaving to USA after I finish my military service. EU is going down soon and I don't want to watch how branch I sit on is being cut.

    God Bless Nutn and greetings from Lithuania.

  2. If someone had gun from civilians, it couldnt hapend so far … but france thinks guns are dangerous in civilian hands … i think bad guy with gun can stop only a good guy with a guy !!!

  3. Hi, thanks for this video (and the many others). I'm French and can't agree more to your speech. For the records : in France citizens have only two ways of owning guns, and in no circumstances can we carry it in public. Obtaining a hunting permit, which must be renewed each year. And by applying for the French Sports Shooting Federation license, which implies (amongst other things) that every year you have to go twice to see a doctor that will certify that you're in a good mental shape. Truly… Hunting permit allows you to own a hunting rifle, with limited calibers available. French Sports Shooting licence allows you to own a wider range of rifles or guns, but as soon as you enter the semi auto category, you have to ask beforehand for a state autorisation to buy it. And you only can keep the weapon if (a) you have a valid licence each year and (b) you have been during the year 3 times to the shooting range, but with a 2 month delay between each session. A nightmare in other words… Regarding French police, I have discovered only after these dramatic events that they were not allowed to carry a weapon when they're "off duty". It's only now that we are in the "state of emergency" status that they have been allowed to do so, as long as this status will be active. Yet I'm personally convinced that things would have gone somewhat differently if some people in the Bataclan had been armed…

  4. France and, more recently, Belgium are very good at the "after celebrations" of these types of events – "solidarity", candlelight vigils, minutes of silence, etc.

  5. What about all the shootings in the US? Why are they NEVER stopped by armed civilians passing by???
    (Don't get me wrong, I don't think everybody should be disarmed) Civilians can't do shit, they're not trained. Most of the time civilians shooting others it is in a coward way, like right after getting robbed, THEN they pull out their guns and shoot the robber in the back. There is never (VERY rarely) that civilians act like hero's with guns.

  6. Perhaps events like this will be the catalyst for changes to European gun laws, and defense laws in general. I've been talking to people in Germany and Scandinavia, they're telling me if you defend yourself with a pocket knife you're going to jail. Even if you're outnumbered and fighting for your life. Same's true here in Canada. There needs to be a serious overhaul of any system of laws that punishes a citizen for self-defense.
    This could have been prevented by a couple of concealed carry permits; France is paying for their lack of foresight.


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