Nilesh Oak on why Indian Logic System is superior to Western. It accepts shades of grey in B&W

Nilesh Oak on why Indian Logic System is superior to Western. It accepts shades of grey in B&W

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Nilesh Oak with Sanjay Dixit on Logic and Nyaya. People often wonder how the Indian way of knowledge is different from the West. It is because Indians have never looked at anything in just two shades of black and white. While the Western Logic typically operates in the binary of true/false, right/wrong, Indian Logic is always 3-valued or higher. Cultures are product of the way they look at things, and not just products of their living, eating and dressing habits. Indian culture is pluralistic because it looks at objects in plurality of multi-valued Logic, with an anthropocentric and universal view, rather than theocentric and Eurocentric.

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  1. Has any of these chronologies been published in peer-reviewed journals, and don't raise the peer review cartel bogey, as an excuse.

  2. Sanjayji thanks for the great video on logic and prman. I wonder if you can put some thing about the genetic evidence of Mahabharat war. After exploring internet I think it is a very fasinating but unknown info. Though it is mentioned in this video.

  3. Sir aap english me debat karte hai to hum dekhte nahi. Please aap Hindi me banayenge to jayeda se jayeda log Apka channel dekhenge. Aap bhartiya logo ko dekhte hai ya videshi logo ke liye. Aap khud samjhe. Main Japan me rehta hu lakin yaha koi bhi japani ek dusere se baat karte time english me baat nahi
    Karta. Main China me bhi raha hu waha bhi nahi dekha. Aap india log ek Dusere se baat english me baat karte hai to ek gulami jaisi lagati hai. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for your efforts Sanjay Dixit. The entire country should he subscribing to this channel. The knowledge imparted through all your discussions is invaluable. You are doing a great service to India.


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