“A Letter to George Floyd” | Moment Invitational Submission 2020 | By Deonte Streeter

“A Letter to George Floyd” | Moment Invitational Submission 2020 | By Deonte Streeter

A Short Narrative Film submission for the Moment Invitational Film Festival

“A Letter to George Floyd”
By Deonte Streeter

Dear George

I couldn’t take the sight of your face
As I gazed at my phone the screen felt too much like a mirror
In that moment my reflection spoke a truth my heart wasn’t built to handle
I felt it sink into my chest the way his knee sunk into your neck snatching your last breathe
Your death brought life to the fact that it’s senseless to wonder if I’m going to be next
Because every time another black man gets murdered brotha apart of me dies with him
And I’m tired

I’m tired of dying
And crying at funerals I’ve never attended
Over hands that I’ve never given dap too
Over sons who were dads too
If they were like you they’d be mad too

I remember the look on my wife’s face when she came home
Her keys met the floor as quick as her hands met my grief
She embraced me like she knew if I buried myself in her arms the pain in my tears could grow something beautiful and lasting
In her arms I found life
In her arms I found light
The kind that could illuminate a nation full of darkness

We sat and shared the mourning the way the stars do before they fade away
Only interrupted by the fear in my son’s eyes and my daughter’s occasional cry
My wife told a black lie
When she said “Daddy’s okay”
We all sat and shared the mourning
The way the birds do
Our bodies sung a new song of hope and justice overdue
We all sat and shared the mourning
The way the grass does the dew
The way the sky and I shared the blues
We all sat and shared the mourning
We held each other the way the sun does the earth
The way the earth holds the moon
I’m finding peace in knowing that the Son is holding you now too


Just another black man hoping
he won’t be another hashtag

Rest in power, George

The murder of George Floyd was a tragic event. I remember the day the video went viral. I couldn’t take it. I broke down under the weight of my reality. It could’ve been me.

I woke up the next day not knowing what to do with my emotions. I was feeling so many different things. I was angry, sad, confused, exhausted, enraged, and terrified. So, I decided to put all of my emotions on paper.

This video is a visual representation of the day I saw the video of George Floyd’s murder. I also decided to submit this video to the Moment Invitation Film Festival. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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