Kevin Edward – “Eyes of the Innocent” (Tribute to George Floyd)

Kevin Edward – “Eyes of the Innocent” (Tribute to George Floyd)

*This video contains disturbing footage and images.*

I had an assignment to write this song about the holocaust when I was 17. It always stuck with me to record it again and I felt this was a great time to do it. The song is called “Eyes of the Innocent” and it’s about injustice.

I’d like to use this video to create awareness of what is happening around the world and to find a way to help the solution. Police brutality is a serious problem that tends to get over looked and many people are not aware of how often it occurs.

It’s a terrible thing but the message must not get confused. You cannot blame the police the entire force. That is just not fair. I happen to personally know several officers and they happen to be some of the most good-hearted human beings I know. I have the utmost respect for the boys in blue who have to make the hardest decisions every day. A hateful act cannot have the response of another hateful act. We’re responding violence with more violence and it is creating it’s own injustice.

This is an important point I want to make here. The rioting, the burning of buildings, you are in fact, burning the dreams of innocent people. Today, we are all fighting for a better world, a better future for our children. But if we keep combatting violence with more violence it’s never going to end. It’s not about choosing sides, because that creates a divide. You can be the change that you hope to see in the world.

We have to find a better way.

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& ID Original Films Documentary:
The Murder of George Floyd: A Nation Responds
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