China, Where We Stand with George Galloway and the Workers Party of Britain

China, Where We Stand with George Galloway and the Workers Party of Britain

Join George Galloway and the Workers Party of Britain for an online meeting as we discuss the economic benefits of working with China, and the urgent need to avoid war.

Join us to get involved with our weekly meetings and help build a real working-class party in Britain:


  1. Who was responsible for hooking the US on painkillers 10-15 years back? 30 mg roxycodone, little blue pills to be exact. They were EVERYWHERE. IN EVERY STATE. It killed so many good and innocent kids/teenagers. And a lot of my friends. I've been trying hard to find a real answer to that question.

  2. the problem with huwawei is that they have maintained a level of integrity. they have refused to make adjustments to allow the americas, via the cia, the ability to trawl individuals data. the shimering or shivering angel software used by the cia, and described in the wikileaks vault 7 docs. the usa do not like that china has become a superpower, they hate that they have managed to do so by working hard and managing their growing wealth well. they hate that this has been done mainly by usa making china their own personal sweatshop. americal globalisation, sending their labour to cheaper countries has slowly but surely increased the financial status of china. then, they tell the poor american people that china has stolen their jobs, stolen their manufacturing industry. the truth is that america is run by money. money seeks to petition corrupt government to change legislations to allow them to go where they can get cheaper labour. money seeks to make more money and the poor general populations can go to hell. china has not stolen jobs or manufacturing, the busness class in america has given those away because their only criteria is profit, not the general good of their own country and the people of it. leave china alone.

  3. what next indeed. trump is such a petty, beligerent bully, boris likewise. please god this is not a set up for another u s liberty situation. they do appear to be very willing to manufacture consent

  4. Britain and Australia should b ashamed of themselves for giving Hong Kong people status in their country while there are hundreds of thousands of people that are being auction off as slaves in the open market in Syria. Why dont they save those refugees instead. Give them safe haven in their countries. Its obvious who needs it more


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