COACH GESSIE x ROLAND MARTIN On Black Women, Racism & Fibroids (@CoachGessie)

COACH GESSIE x ROLAND MARTIN On Black Women, Racism & Fibroids (@CoachGessie)

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We carry it in our spirits, souls and bodies. The STRESS it produces floods us with Cortisol. As Black People living in America, we were born into it and it has been passed down from generation to generation.

It affects us externally—the opportunities we are afforded and the way others see and treat us. AND, it affects us internally—the way we see others most importantly the way we see ourselves. It threatens our comprehensive health (Cardiovascular, Digestive, Reproductive, Psychological and more)—leading us to be disproportionately affected by inflammatory conditions such as #HEARTDISEASE, #FIBROIDS, #ENDOMETRIOSIS, #DIABETES, #THYROIDISSUES, #ASTHMA, #OBESITY and increases our risks for viruses such as #COVID19.

It’s time to WE RADICALLY LOVE AND CARE FOR OURSELVES. THIS we CAN—and MUST do. We’re here for you.????????????????????????

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