OCC Professor Call Trump Election Terrorism

OCC Professor Call Trump Election Terrorism

Mirror of video by Joshua Recalde

Following the 2016 election, Orange Coast College Professor Olga Cox compared Trumps election to terrorism.

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  1. I listened again very carefully ad she said nothing offensive. She ventilated her opinion to a question asked. I don't hear nor feel any hatred. She is telling it the way it is.. That most Americans are not pro Trump! POINT. In my Europe we love to have good teachers who are not talking with the mass, but giving insights and enlighten us about hidden secrets. THAT is a good eduction to give student stuff to chew on.. to think it over.. and not to just plainly take over.. Good for her.! SHE HAS ALL MY RESPECT!

  2. Professor Cox is a very intelligent and caring teacher. She had strong opinions that people disagree with. It's ok to disagree. Even if you disagree with her, recording her without permission and putting her on blast did more harm. Death threats? C'mon?! People, take the good and leave out the bad. That's education, that's enlightenment.

  3. she has a right to her opinion, and as much as I disagree with her, she has the right to share that view. At the same time, the student has the right to share the contents of a lecture with the public. Especially if the content is opinion, rather that fact (which, in this case, it is)

  4. It is very common for professors to be outspoken on topics such as politics. They present it as their opinion and it gives you an opportunity to decide if you agree or not. She is not telling anyone what to think, but is telling people what SHE thinks. This is well within the scope of acceptable behavior for a professor.


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