TikTokers Speaking Up against Racism in the USA (#blacklivesmatter) ✊????✊????✊????✊✊????✊????

TikTokers Speaking Up against Racism in the USA (#blacklivesmatter) ✊????✊????✊????✊✊????✊????

TikTokers Speaking Up against Racism in the USA (#blacklivesmatter) ✊????✊????✊????✊✊????✊????

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Hi Guys!
I would have prefered not to publish such a video in 2020, but this time and these people require it. I want to help and to improve awareness in people about racism in the US, and in the whole world.
I am angry and sad at the same time that we have to protest and fight against something that we should have left behind years ago, decades ago.
If you want to help, please inform about this topic, talk to your relatives about White Supremacy and make them think about what’s happening. However, don’t make it be all only about thinking, try to help in concrete, donate and protest, go help balck communities, don’t let any more life be killed or hurt in this brutal way!
Let’s fight and be heard, let’s change the world for the better!

#blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #tiktokcompilationsofficial