Does Star Trek Actually Glorify Terrorism?

Does Star Trek Actually Glorify Terrorism?

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  1. No marketable skills? Well, I don't know about marketable, but your comedian skills are over the top! Keep it up, Steve, and thanks for letting me start my weekend (watching this on Friday afternoon) with a laugh, I appreciate it! ????
    P.S. The maquis did not just fight against the nazis in France, they also fought against fascists in Spain… and failed to succeed, I'm sorry to say.

  2. I still remember Weyoun calling Rom a 'terrorist' as if The Federation and The Dominion are not at war and Rom wasn't a member of the Federation fighting the Dominion- if you remember how self-centric the Dominion's and Founders' view of conflict is, it's the epitome of 'when we do it, we're always justified- when they do it, it's never justified'.

  3. The High Ground apparently didn't air here in the UK for years because in that conversation with Data basically said the IRA won and united Ireland.

    (Presumably the Loyalist paramilitaries just accepted this outcome in Star Trek's version of history.)

  4. So nowadays we have the White House sending Stormtroopers against protesters Lord Dampnut calls terrorists. I have been thinking of the Sancutary Districts lately, and fear that if Lord Dampnut gets "reelected" (he cheated his way in the first time, what is stopping him from doing it again?), we might actually see the birth of the sanctuary districts.

  5. Are Spock and Kirk terrorists in "Errand of Mercy," if they are Starfleet officers acting against the Klingon military, specifically targeting materiel instead of a barracks or a civilian outpost? As you say, it gets complicated. The Ansata attacked Rutian civilian targets, and that's a much bigger problem.

  6. PS – one episode that I think should be essential viewing on this topic is DS9's "Duet," with Kira's interrogations of the Cardassian prisoner who may be Gul Darheel, the Butcher of Gallitep… or a former file clerk. One of the very greatest hours Trek ever made.

  7. The bumpers, bullets and bombs of the right are not comparable to the masks, muscles and milkshakes of the left.
    While the right is shooting up and burning down crowded churches the left (maybe) burnt down a target. More false equivalence.
    I'm sure you've seen the ADL report on right wing violence in America.
    The worst part would be people dying, the second worst part would be the vilification of the left if someone did fire at cops with live ammo. The right wing does it and they're fine, if the left did it we'd have a new red scare in America. I admire the restraint of those in Portland and around America.

    I can't believe I never connected Maquis and antifa. To be fair I haven't watched much Trek since I became more politically aware.


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