Healing The Racism In Us

Healing The Racism In Us

Today, we discuss the recent events in the US and clarifying the #BlackLivesMatter movement for those who may not understand it. I take a Human & Spiritual approach to helping to create more White (and Brown) Allies for the Black Community & Equality.

Below is a growing list of resources with the next steps for allies to take and some of my favorite Black Influencers/Entrepreneurs/Leaders, etc that you can begin to follow if you connect with them.

Click here for a comprehensive resource list provided by RecPhilly: https://bit.ly/3fxmHqi

Black Lives Matter-https://blacklivesmatter.com/
Ways you can help: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

-@WillToms Founder of @Recphilly (Creative Entrepreneurship)
-@PrestonSmiles (Spiritual/Coaching)
-@ShaniciaBoswell (Black Motherhood/ Self care)
-@DrCrystalJones (Healer)
-@RachRodgersEsq (Biz Coaching)
-@KuteBlackson (Spiritual/Coaching)
-@TrudiLebron (Diversity Coaching)
-@LalahDelia (Spiritual Author)
-@BehatiLife (Witchcraft)
-@AngelaRye (Advocate/Political Strategy)
-@GlowMaven (Women/Motherhood)
-@deb0nair (Digital Strategy)
-@laurenleavellfitness (Body Positive Fitness)
-@janicejnice (Diversity Training)
-@lightwatkins (Spiritual Teaching)

*This list will grow as time goes on so check back later.

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