Police in New York are dealing with HEAVY Riots as the State is seemingly becoming more chaotic

Police in New York are dealing with HEAVY Riots as the State is seemingly becoming more chaotic

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Crazy Situation in Portland as there have been multiple videos released online and livestreamed which shows mobs
This is clearly an escalation by American Democratic supporters who are currently Rioting in Portland .

Federal officers and Portland PD responded by showing up heavily armed and the rioters seemed to move back and stop throwing stuff
Portland Riots daily between Portland PD, Marshalls and more and ANTIFA/BLM. Courthouse has been vandalized leading to more Police being deployed.

Blue lives matter rallies have been held for their supporters to show their respect for the police.

Nick Cannon got cancelled for being racist – As did Claude from AFTV – Is Cancel Culture getting out of hand?

Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Obama and more all hit in Twitter Bitcoin Hack scam. Apple, Coinbase, Jeff Bezos & Joe biden all were also hit by the Hack

Elon Musk calls out Communism supporters

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple were all called to speak before congress as they were asked about countries interferring with American elections and politics.

Statue in Bristol that was replaced with BLM Activist has now been taking down.

New york has seen record high crime and waves of violence.
NYPD Has had their Police departments budget cut despite this.

Seattle has no made any major changes after CHAZ got tore down.
Seattle has seen major riots spike again over the last few days as SPD clash with rioters daily

Protests are breaking out all around the world currently from Iran, China, Serbia, America, Russia and Ethiopia as well as many more countries around the world. There have been many various different reasons for their protests.

Blacklivesmatter protests have still been hitting states strong but definitely passing a lot since last month.
Riots in America seemed to have taken up a large amount of states resources in which the democratic states have applied for federal relief. In some cases they have been denied by Trump.

Reports of Russian Protests breaking out against Putin.
Tensions also heating up with countries.

In uk from 24th July it will be made mandatory to wear a mask in stores.

Riots and protests grip America after well over a month now, There has been shootings in Atlanta almost every day yet Democrats still call for the Defund the police movement to carry on.
Minneapolis have pledged to defund a large amount of their police force

Texas, Dakota, Washington.

Tik tok has been banned in India and America are looking into it.
Biden vs Trump 2020 Elections will happen soon.

KSI, W2S Sidemen all are funny i guess.
Reported that people have stopped playing Fifa 20.
autonomous zone seattle demilitarised area of BLM, Gang has taken over the police department. Demonstrations in america USA.
Riots and Protests 2020

. Several people were arrested. Riots and Protest Blacklivesmatter BLM 2020 in every country Belgium France Sweden Uk London Usa. france gangs

Mr Trump said “all Americans were rightly sickened and revolted by the Passing of George Floyd”

Mr Trump added: “. then I’ll deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.”

Huge violent riots spark across the world Germany and Brussels, uk. Army

Tom Hanks spoke to Bill Clinton about the Riots and said it was “perfect timing”… Or did he??? Whats her name? Rita Wilson… She angry at Ellen Degeneres

Riots in DC, Washington, Joe Biden, Trump “[was] using the American military against the American people”.
An escalation

Trump may declare complete martial law if this doesnt stop.

the president would cite a centuries-old black lives matter protests race riots. Ksi has spoke to mrbeast and pewdiepie about his frustrations with fifa 20. They both agreed.
Trump Tulsa Rally, Aoc tweets about how her fans booked tickets on TIK TOK.

Bolton book
K-Pop music is so bad, it made me appreciate Lady gaga a lot more.
Seattle has set up a autonomous zone where it has been declared bbc news cnn and fox,

Shane Dawson has been exposed by Jefree Star or something like that