The New York Times and the Terrorist’s Mom

The New York Times and the Terrorist’s Mom

The New York Times ran an article about two events: The IDF attack on a wanted terrorist in Gaza and the murder of an Israeli waiting for a bus by the hands of another terrorist. In a puzzling move, the Times selected a picture of the weeping mother of the terrorist to run above the story.

Does this picture really help readers understand these events? Or is it another subtle (maybe not so subtle) attempt by the Times to convey sympathy for the Palestinians at the expense of the Israelis.

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  1. i'm sure mother nature is proud of you, unfortunately, i don't have any cookies on me at the moment, but once i get hold of some, i'll DHL it to you *pets you gently*

  2. You are very wrong! Major world's media, like the NY Times, the British media at large, and even Haaretz (Israeli) are constantly biased against Israel, distort facts in favor of the Palestinians, and promote their propaganda! Many times they use the whole front page for a photo of a terrorist (or his mother), and down below a tiny photo of an Israeli baby, smashed to death by that terrorist. Those media outlets use the word 'militant' instead of 'terrorist' (unless victim is American etc.)!

  3. Emanuele, I think you have an excellent point, my profession is related to the impact of images, maybe we can talk I would really like to hear your ideas and thoughts about this. Emunah

  4. well, i'd rather have my children worship Death and Eternal sacrifices rather than bending over for invaders, it's something called pride, you would never understand it, you will only label it, the less of your kind the better this earth will be.

  5. It's a pity that a recognized journal as The New York Times doesn't have any sensibility with the israel man, who was an inocent person and have put that photo of the terrorist's mother. I'm really disapointed, I can't believed it !


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