Huge Beirut RIOTS as reports of Army shooting protesters 08/08/2020

Huge Beirut RIOTS as reports of Army shooting protesters 08/08/2020

ANTIFA & BLM Have been rioting in America for close to 3 months now.
Portland has been a hotspot for rioting with continious riots and protests for 70+ days.
Seattle has been another hotspot after CHAZ was disbanded and they still have unrest today.

Beirut explosion which was the result of stored chemicals on the port has outraged the entire country
Who has been in full riot mode since the shocking event happened.
Many reports from Protesters of Army firing rubber based bullets and injuring many protesters.
Shocking events considering Iran-backed Terrorist groups have been linked.

Texas, LA, Mississippe and many other states all saw pro-blue, Blue lives matter & Trump rallies over the past
Few days with them increasing every passing day.

Elderly women had paint thrown at them in Portland

UK Riots and chaos up and down the country as violent knife crimes skyrocket every passing day also.
Priti Patel had stated she will create a new group to stop it
Sadiq Khan under more pressure daily as he cuts police whilst London is more chaotic daily,

NYPD have also had money cut to them and that despite like London, They have had unprecendted amounts of
Crime on the streets over past months

Lockdown restrictions are causing people to protest all around the world – London has seen many
ANTI-Lockdown Protests over the past 2 weeks.
Germany has seen big Protests over this matter – Sweden Seemingly did the correct thing by refusing to lockdown their nation

Elon Musk Daily Twitter troller – Dude does not seem to like Communism/ANTIFA one tiny bit.

President Trump vs Vice President Joe Biden heats up as the Democratic party suggests to
Cancel the 1v1 debates – Of course

People in America and UK Are mad about not being allowed to go to church whilst people are allowed to protest so they
have resorted to having to pretend to be at a protest whilst praying
Pretty sad times .

President trump roasted a reporter by responding to their criticism of no social distancing by telling them
“We are at a peaceful protest”

Joe Biden has been giving some incredibly bizarre interviews and live speeches recently – Including literal racism.

Will the American Democratic Party do the ol’ swoop the swoop and swap out Biden for Obama or AOC?
Who knows

Steven Crowder bravely challenged ANTIFA & BLM Supporters to a face to face debate and was obviously met with
Less than intelligent conversation
Alex Jones then joined him and they both marched to ANTIFA HQ.

Army in Lebanon have been deployed as the rioters have taken over Government buildings are destroyed them.

Residential areas and even HOMES are being targetted by ANTIFA In Portland and Seattle now for some bizarre reason
Mayor Ted Wheeler has conceded he was wrong and claimed ANTIFA are “Attempted Murderers”

Mayor Ted Wheeler Previously marched with ANTIFA and supported them but is said to be appauled by what he
has seen recently by the Marxist faux-Antifascist group.

Football has now returned fully to all European countries but fans are still not allowed to go
Man City beat Real Madrid

Jake Paul was RAIDED by the FBI – After he looted and joined in with destroying buildings during the BLM Riots.

KSI was on some British reaction show and was pretty funny

Crazy Situation in Portland as there have been multiple videos released online and livestreamed which shows mobs
This is clearly an escalation by American Democratic supporters who are currently Rioting in Portland .

Federal officers and Portland PD responded by showing up heavily armed and the rioters seemed to move back and stop throwing stuff
Portland Riots daily between Portland PD, Marshalls and more and ANTIFA/BLM. Courthouse has been vandalized leading to more Police being deployed.

Blue lives matter rallies have been held for their supporters to show their respect for the police.

Tik tok has been banned in India and America are looking into it.
Biden vs Trump 2020 Elections will happen soon.

KSI, W2S Sidemen all are funny i guess.
Reported that people have stopped playing Fifa 20.
autonomous zone seattle demilitarised area of BLM, Gang has taken over the police department. Demonstrations in america USA.
Riots and Protests 2020

. Several people were arrested. Riots and Protest Blacklivesmatter BLM 2020 in every country Belgium France Sweden Uk London Usa. france gangs

Mr Trump said “all Americans were rightly sickened and revolted by the Passing of George Floyd”

Tom Hanks spoke to Bill Clinton about the Riots and said it was “perfect timing”… Or did he??? Whats her name? Rita Wilson… She angry at Ellen Degeneres

Riots in DC, Washington, Joe Biden, Trump “[was] using the American military against the American people”.
An escalation

Trump may declare complete martial law if this doesnt stop.

the president would cite a centuries-old black lives matter protests race riots. Ksi has spoke to mrbeast and pewdiepie about his frustrations with fifa 20. They both agreed.