Ep. 218 – Islamist Terrorist Attacks, Left Goes Silent

Ep. 218 – Islamist Terrorist Attacks, Left Goes Silent

Another day, another terrorist attack; Trump tweets about flag-burning; and we deconstruct the culture.


  1. The way the Holy Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad May Peace be Upon Him was in sections according to what was going on in His life at that time May Peace be Upon Him. The scripture people are finding about, “Kill them wherever you find them” was directed at one group during that time that was persecuting the Muslims and killing and torturing them. So, obviously it doesn’t apply to anyone else. Why else would a religion have that but also have the punishment of killing the murderer(unless the murderer was completely forgiven by the victim’s family)? If that was true that would be a contradiction and wouldn’t make sense. That’s why it isn’t true. What he did was inhumane and horrible and I sympathize with the victim’s families on this issue. But honestly, most if not all Islamic terrorist attacks come from the people misinterpreting it or something, only God knows what. Anyway, just wanted to clarify that that’s not what Islam propagates at all. Salam (Peace).


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