Pakistan propagating terrorism across South Asia and around the world

Pakistan propagating terrorism across South Asia and around the world

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The terrorists being trained in the backyard of Lahore and Rawalpindi, are infiltrated into Kashmir to carry out terror activities against India and in particular Jammu and Kashmir. But the alert Indian security forces have been able to foil all their attempts by busting deep terror financing networks of Pakistan and eliminating top commanders of terrorist groups in the region. On August 14, when Pakistan was celebrating its Independence Day, the Baloch, Pashtun and Sindhis observed it as `Black Day’. They call Pakistan as an occupier, who is using its security forces and jihadi outfits to carry out atrocities on the civilians. Today, called as Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, the territory is used as a breeding group of terrorists. Removing the final stumbling block in the way of peace negotiations between the Afghan Government and the Taliban, the Afghanistan’s grand traditional consultative, the Loya Jirga approved the release of 400 hardcore Taliban prisoners. The prisoner dispute was the crucial hurdle in launching the intra afghan talks between the two warring sides. A Pakistani diplomat was recently deported from South Africa for flouting multiple local and international laws related to illegal trafficking. Recent data suggests that terror-related incidents have been at a rise in Africa with Pakistan’s increasing presence in the continent. The uprooting of terrorist organizations like the Islamic State and Al Qaeda (AQ) from their strongholds has made African countries the new destination of these several Pakistan based international outfits.

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