President Trump visits Kenosha, calls violence ‘domestic terrorism’

President Trump visits Kenosha, calls violence ‘domestic terrorism’

President Trump stood at the epicenter of the latest eruption over racial injustice Tuesday and came down squarely on the side of law enforcement, blaming “domestic terror” for the violence in Kenosha and making no nod to the underlying cause of anger and protests — the shooting of a yet another Black man by police.


  1. Dumb Donald has his KLAN members in the comments good place to be if you don't want to get punched in the face!!!😂😂😂😂 I thought you girl's I mean guys were BAD ASS!!!???

  2. A POTUS that comes to trouble era personally – that's awesome. The riots MUST stop! Now! An unsatble USA is not what this world needs! Your and our enemies are smiling very kindly on riots and unrests that they found! We gotta beware! There are bad things going on – and it seems it has become a hobby of many to go beserk when some criminal guy gets handled hy Police!? Here's an idea: Behave well and the Cops won't have to contact you in the first place!


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