Ayaan Hirsi Ali: On September 11, heres what Islamists and Wokeists have in common

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: On September 11, heres what Islamists and Wokeists have in common

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There were many American heroes on 9/11, but the greatest were the passengers and crew of Flight 93. Not only did they avert what Al Qaeda planneda direct hit on the White Housebut they also embodied Patrick Henrys credo Give me liberty, or give me death!Do those words still have a meaning in the America of 2020? For two decades, I have opposed the fanatical illiberalism of those strands of Islam that gave rise to Al Qaeda. I broke with my Somali family and ultimately with their faith because I believed that it is human freedom that should be sacrosanct, not antiquated doctrines that demand submission by the individual. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTERSo implacable are the proponents of Shariah that I have faced repeated death threats. Yet I have always consoled myself that, in the U. S. , freedom of conscience and expression rank above any set of religious beliefs. It was partly for this reason that I moved here and became a citizen in 2013. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIt never occurred to me that free speech would come under threat in my newly adopted country. Even when I first encountered what has come to be known as cancel culturein 2014 I was invited to receive an honorary degree at Brandeis University and then ungraciously disinvitedI didnt fret too much. I was inclined to dismiss the alliance of campus leftists and Islamists as a lunatic fringe. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING THIS COLUMN IN THE WALL STREET JOURNALCLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM AYAAN HIRSI ALI IN FOX NEWS OPINION


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