Palestinian, Bahraini protesters condemn normalization of relations with Israel

Palestinian, Bahraini protesters condemn normalization of relations with Israel

Bahraini demonstrators took to the streets to protest against a deal that normalized relations between Bahrain and Israel on Monday, a day before the agreement was due to be signed at a White House ceremony on Tuesday.

With chants of “no to normalization” and “death to Israel, death to America,” protesters marched through the streets of Barbar town, west of the capital Manama, to express their anger toward the U.S.-brokered agreement, which will reverse decades of ill will without a resolution to Israel’s decades-old dispute with the Palestinians.

Plus, Palestinians held protests on Tuesday against the agreement between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain normalizing relations between the countries.

In Gaza, which is controlled by the Islamist militant group Hamas, dozens of Palestinians rallied outside a United Nations office to condemn normalization with Israel, shortly before the signing ceremony began at the White House took place.

Israel on Sept. 15 signed the historic diplomatic pacts at a White House ceremony that U.S. President Donald Trump declared will mark the “dawn of a new Middle East,” casting himself as an international peacemaker at the height of his re-election campaign.

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  1. This much awaited Peace Accord is great news. Specially that more countries in the middle east would follow suit so peace and prosperity would find home among all the Children of Abraham in that region. Not to mention it is also the best way to get rid of islamist iran terrorist activities in the middle east once and for all…. Thank u president Trump…

  2. Israel and palestine is same land with different names. Israel was invaded by assyrians and ruled for 2000 year until hitler forced israelites to demand their original land. Israel was independent country and will never be colonized. Palestinian should become part of israel or live as refugees forever. Israelites and Palestinian just switched sides in time. Palestinian should decide what is good for their future generations. Are they happy living as refugees forever or compromise with israel and be known as israelites? It's like Tamil in Sri Lanka. Tamil originally were from India who settled in Sri Lanka. Or rohingya in Myanmar where they came from Bangladesh over hundred of years.. or like Hong Kong in China as one country two systems.


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