“WOKE – ISM” & ISLAMISM – Same Extreme Intolerance !!

“WOKE – ISM” & ISLAMISM – Same Extreme Intolerance !!

A special presentation of a tale of two very different Somali immigrants. One, a conservative author, scholar, human rights activist, Muslim reformist…..the other a socialist anti Semitic Congresswoman. One that loves and hence wants to reform the Muslim faith to allow for woman rights, the other a staunch conservative Muslim that would rather see the USA denuded.


  1. Truth. I had a history teacher who was big on letting us know these people want to take over the world by population ! Stay in your race, have lots of children enforce this crazy ideals take over the world ! I believe they will keep trying

  2. The hijackers on 911 were NOT religious . They attacked for political reasons. Neocons ,who are all now Never Trumpers , blamed Islam to get the US to go to war with every country that Israel wanted to destroy.

  3. I keep saying this but Omar , not her name , came to america by immigration fraud , went to a college in N. Dakota and that college needs to be investigated because Omar , not her name , is not the only Islamist jihadist who studied there .


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