How we can stop European citizens becoming Islamist extremists

How we can stop European citizens becoming Islamist extremists

Maajid Nawaz, former radical and founder of counter-extremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation, speaks to Parisian Muslims about how to deal with homegrown radicalisation in the aftermath of the Paris Terror Attacks.

Anderson Cooper, 360, CNN (17/11/15)
Quilliam is the world’s first counter-extremism organisation set up to address the unique challenges of citizenship, identity, and belonging in a globalised world.
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  1. People say it is a clash of cultures but I think it's more like a clash of time travelers. The west is in a period of decadence and moral fluidity, and these guys grow up apart from that and it doesn't even appeal to them. Imagine if a Christian knight from the past came to modern Europe and saw how secular it has become? He'd be disappointed, no? Much the same dynamic is at work here I think.

  2. If you think the creator of the universe is responsible for either the bible or the quran you are seriously mistaken. The men who wrote those books didn't know owning people was wrong and imagined a good and just god would threaten fallible humans with infinite torture for finite crimes. If you want to insult a god by calling that god a torturing slaver, you are not very bright.

  3. I agree with Maajid on almost every point but I don't think that bombing Syria is an attempt to defeat Islamism. Of course you cannot defeat an idea by bombing people. What the bombing can, has, and will continue to do, is reduce the amount of territory that ISIS holds, reduce the amount of revenue it can generate, and ultimately weaken its power to threaten lives. Yes there is an argument that bombing will also threaten lives, but certainly not as many as allowing ISIS to thrive. That would be disastrous for the future of all mankind.

  4. If only all Muslims would get sense and stop blaming their resident country for their own problems. All Muslims would do well to listen to Maajid Nawaz, he always talks sense, always!

  5. This is a fact many of us have tried articulating for many years. As an example, the Shia Iranian Revolution of 79 was only possible because it fomented support in Parisian exile. So called islamic fundamentalism has its real roots in Europe.


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